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Anastasia Ekman
Anastasia Ekman
In 2021, while planning our out-of-state move to Austin, I discovered Robert Butler through internet research. At that time, all of our knowledge about the area was theoretical. Robert became our eyes and ears on the ground, personally visiting rental properties on our behalf and providing us with detailed video reports and evaluations. My husband and I placed our trust in Robert, and it was a decision we never regretted. So, when the time came to transition from renting to buying a home, there was no question in our minds—we turned to Robert again. Working with Robert Butler has been a remarkable experience. His professionalism and dedication are evident in every interaction. Robert's approach is refreshingly genuine; he listens attentively to understand your needs and goes above and beyond to meet them. His knowledge of the Austin area and surrounding neighborhoods is unparalleled. He guided us through the process with patience and provided valuable insights that helped us make informed decisions. What stood out most was his commitment to our satisfaction. He never rushed us or pressured us into making decisions. Instead, he presented us with thoughtful options within our budget and kept us updated every step of the way. Robert's network of professionals, from inspectors to contractors, ensured that our home was not only a perfect fit but also a sound investment. He navigated the complexities of the market with ease, making what could have been a stressful process feel smooth and exciting. For anyone looking to buy or sell in the Austin area, Robert Butler is the agent you want by your side. His expertise, integrity, and personalized service are truly exceptional. We're not just clients; we feel like we've gained a friend and a trusted advisor in Robert. Five stars are not enough to express our gratitude and appreciation for his outstanding service.
Gary Balevre
Gary Balevre
Robert is one the best agents I have worked with. Not only is he very knowledgeable he is also is very proficient. He stayed on top of our program and kept us informed. I would highly recommend him.
Erica Delaney
Erica Delaney
Robert did a great job with my home sale! I highly recommend him and his team.
Bryan Soto
Bryan Soto
I have nothing but positive things to say about Robert. As a first time home buyer, I needed a quality and trustworthy resource to guide me through the process. Robert delivered in spades!!! I’m keeping the relationship going, as Robert is available to this day with any questions I have about real estate. Do yourself a favor and work with Robert on your next real estate transaction.
Tiffany Soto
Tiffany Soto
Robert Butler is a fantastic realtor! With Robert’s expertise and super efficient work ethic my husband and I recently realized our dream of purchasing our first home! We had the great fortune of meeting Robert at an open house that we visited on our own! We hadn’t started working with a realtor yet because we wanted to just keep looking for a bit longer without anyone pressuring us to buy anything. However, we saw this house and it was love at first sight and within one week Robert became our realtor and began working to help us purchase this house. We had a unique financial circumstance that he worked with so effectively that our offer was accepted within a week and half of us first seeing the house! We closed in less than a month with a fair and square deal in which all parties won! It was an experience I will never forget and I will definitely reach out to Robert in the future as I expand my real estate portfolio. Robert not only will help you buy or sell efficiently, he also is generous with his knowledge of the field and is happy to educate new homebuyers about the ins and outs of real estate and wealth building. He graciously held our hands through the entire process, he never made us feel silly about any questions we had, and he never pressured us in anyway to buy or spend over our budget. He also provided some incredible alternatives within our budget in case the deal didn’t go through for one reason or another. He is kind, patient, compassionate and trustworthy and we knew we were in good hands through the entire process. Meeting him has been such a blessing to our family and we consider him a friend. Five stars all the way for realtor Robert Butler!!
Luminous Enterprises
Luminous Enterprises
Robert Butler has been the most amazing real estate agent I have ever known or heard of. He has been patient and helpful for over a year in the search for my home. He has provided guidance and due to his expertise, I have finally found the right opportunity. He is kind, thoughtful, and has gone above and beyond to make sure I am protected and prepared. He gladly shared a ton of resources with me and that means so much to me as a single mother. Because of him, I am closer to my dream home. Thank you.



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