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Discover Round Rock is not a hobby blog, but a professional platform that publishes five days a week. Each article is optimized for search engines, which increases the online visibility of your ad.

Unlike other websites, we’re committed to advertising for Round Rock-based businesses only, we’re family-friendly and never publish content that would discredit you or your business, and we don’t allow competing ads.


  • For over 2 years, Discover Round Rock has outranked every other site about Round Rock.
  • Over 50% of mobile searches result in purchases!  That’s why our innovative, fluid, responsive website design automatically changes shape depending upon the size of a visitor’s screen.  That means your advertising (and our content) will be clearly visible on a smartphone, tablet, and full-size PC.
  • Discover Round Rock has between 5,000 and 10,000 unique visitors per month and 32,000 page views per month.  In a city of 100,000, that’s a sizeable audience for your advertising!
  • We have earned the trust of the Round Rock community. The engagement level of our readers on our articles and social platforms like Facebook and Twitter is consistently high.

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Our ads appear prominently on the Discover Round Rock Home Page and over a thousand web pages containing high quality, search engine optimized content. Your ad links to the landing page of your choice, and you may change your ad graphic or destination landing page at any time by contacting us.


Discover Round Rock offers various levels of sponsorship and advertising. Please download the Partnership and Advertiser Opportunity Guide.

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