Festivals, Carnivals, and Annual Events in Round Rock, Texas

Festivals, Carnivals, and Annual Events in Round Rock, Texas

Round Rock has quite a tradition of holding family-friendly recurring annual events. It’s a big part of what makes Round Rock such a friendly city for both visitors and residents. While some event dates may change, here is what the calendar generally looks like each year.

[sixcol_one class=”alpha”]January[/sixcol_one] [sixcol_one]February[/sixcol_one] [sixcol_one]March[/sixcol_one] [sixcol_one]April[/sixcol_one] [sixcol_one]May[/sixcol_one] [sixcol_one class=”omega”]June[/sixcol_one]

[sixcol_one class=”alpha”]. [/sixcol_one] [sixcol_one]Daddy-Daughter Dance[/sixcol_one] [sixcol_one]Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt[/sixcol_one] [sixcol_one]. [/sixcol_one] [sixcol_one]. [/sixcol_one] [sixcol_one class=”omega”]Juneteenth[/sixcol_one]


[sixcol_one class=”alpha”]July[/sixcol_one] [sixcol_one]August[/sixcol_one] [sixcol_one]September[/sixcol_one] [sixcol_one]October[/sixcol_one] [sixcol_one]November[/sixcol_one] [sixcol_one class=”omega”]December[/sixcol_one]

[sixcol_one class=”alpha”]Frontier Days[/sixcol_one] [sixcol_one]5K for Clay[/sixcol_one] [sixcol_one]. [/sixcol_one] [sixcol_one] .[/sixcol_one] [sixcol_one]Holiday Bazaar[/sixcol_one] [sixcol_one class=”omega”]Christmas Family Night[/sixcol_one]

[sixcol_one class=”alpha”]Night Rider[/sixcol_one] [sixcol_one]. [/sixcol_one] [sixcol_one]. [/sixcol_one] [sixcol_one]. [/sixcol_one] [sixcol_one]. [/sixcol_one] [sixcol_one class=”omega”]Rock’N Lights[/sixcol_one]

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