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Our website is all about discovering special places and witnessing special events in Round Rock, Texas.  We welcome invitations to places and events.  We want to experience as much of Round Rock as we can so that we can better communicate with our readers.

Discover Round Rock will report on the personal experience of attending your place or event so that local residents and visitors will know what it was like to be there.  While we will try to include as many facts as possible, our focus is on the personal experience – the sights, the sounds, and the feelings we encounter.  We will also take photographs and/or videos to be used on our website.  We have limited resources, but we will try to honor as many invitations as possible.

Our new Discover Round Rock Meetup Group is a great way to invite the whole community to a special tour, food & beverage tasting, or other fun events.  If your Round Rock business has something special to offer, we’ll happily schedule a visit from our Meetup Group.

Please complete this invitation form, and we’ll contact you soon.

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