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I have put together this list of real estate professionals I have worked with in the past who can help us close quickly and professionally. I do not receive any financial compensation from anyone on this list unless otherwise noted. I would encourage you to select these real estate experts who I know can help you, but please feel free to seek your own.

Mortgage Lenders

Choosing a lender is perhaps the most important choice you can make to ensure a smooth transaction on closing day. I have worked with each of these lenders, and I know they will do their best to finance your home and get our sale closed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Not all lenders are equal. Each loan officer and each company offer different personality styles, finance costs, interest rates, and other options.

Michelle Higdon  (512) 297-4200  mhigdon@ufcu.orgUniversity Federal Credit Union (and many other credit unions) often have the lowest mortgage interest rates, but you must meet their guidelines.

Liz Rich (512) 608-8753 at Elite Financial Group may offer more options for getting a mortgage if your situation doesn’t meet the credit union’s guidelines.

Ken Walker (512) 656-8463 at Network Funding has a lot of experience helping people who may not otherwise qualify for a mortgage.

Steven Amezquita  (512) 736-8040 – Steven speaks Spanish and has a lot of experience with immigrants. He can help people who have difficulty obtaining a home loan from traditional sources. He’s very helpful finding grants and other government programs to help borrowers who otherwise could not afford to buy a home.

Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners Insurance protects you and your mortgage company from the financial cost of damage to your home. Coverage typically includes fires, natural disasters, theft, and other events but you should refer to own specific policy for the types and dollar amounts of coverage. Your mortgage lender will ask you to show proof that you have purchased insurance before you can close on your home, and the insurance company will provide you with a binder or a letter certifying your coverage. You can choose which insurance company you want to use. You should shop around for the best policy, just as you shopped around for the best deal on a home loan. The cost of coverage varies based on the amount of protection, the size of the deductible, and other factors.

Keller Covered is a new service by Keller Williams Realty. It automatically searches through most of the major homeowner insurance companies for the best price for your home. I receive a small referral fee if you click on my link:

Jared Antoine is an independent insurance broker. I use his company for my own home, and in my experience he’s very good at finding excellent insurance coverage at the lowest cost. He typically does this by finding reputable companies who don’t have well-known name brands. (985) 630-5667

Credit Scores

Credit scores directly affect home financing. Please don’t do anything that may affect your credit scores without speaking to a mortgage lender. Here are some resources to help you learn more about your credit score.

Annual Credit – This is the only website that offers a truly free and complete credit report. By federal law, the credit bureaus are required to provide you with a free credit report once a year. – The Fair Isaac Corporation uses your credit reports from Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax to credit your FICO score. This website is the official place to learn about how your credit scores are determined and how they are used by lenders.

OpenSky Credit Card – If you need to rebuild your credit and you’re having trouble getting approved for a credit card, Try OpenSky. They won’t check your credit. You’re approved for whatever amount of money you deposit into their secured credit card. Again, do not take any action without consulting your lender.

KB Home E-Credit Liaison – If you want to buy a new KB Home, Cathy Walker is the person who can help you build up your credit score. Please tell her you’re working with Robert Butler as your Realtor. (512) 579-9004


Klock’s Electric – (512) 837-4704

Foundation Inspectors

Foundation GuruLisa Holland investigates, evaluates, and educates homeowners on foundations. (512) 545-8387

Home Inspectors

Both buyers and sellers hire home inspectors to test major systems and visually inspect houses so that buyers can make informed purchasing decisions. Buyers will often negotiate for a lower offer on a home in need of repair. Sellers will get their homes inspected prior to sale because sometimes it’s cheaper to fix a problem yourself before showing the home to buyers and receiving lower offers.

Austin Inspection Services – Tony Defoyd  (512) 576-1973

Eagle Eye Inspections of Texas – Jerry Griffis (512) 567-3260

Home Warranty

Home warranties are residential service agreements to protect homeowners from unexpected and costly surprise repairs. Sellers will often purchase a home warranty for the buyer to avoid future arguments, accusations, and even lawsuits over the failure to disclose a failing appliance or system. There are 4 key details you need to consider when choosing a home warranty: 1) Annual or Monthly Fee, 2) Items included, 3) Service Visit Fee, and 4) Coverage Pay-out Limits.



Maddison Fallin (512) 632-2036  takes beautiful portrait and event photos.



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