Ambica Foods

Yet another Round Rock treasure. You gotta visit this Grocery store. They will greet you with friendly smiles. Enjoy some of their hot tea, complementary, of course. Also be sure to sample some of the unique snacks they sell by the pound. The entire store is packed with unique foods. You’re gonna love this place as did the shopper quoted below, who posted her experience to Yelp at

“I love cooking and because of my origin, I love cooking with spices more than anything else. So what are the spices you get in Ambica, pretty much most of the stuff that you will possibly use for Indian cooking like
– Cumin Seeds
– Coriander seeds
– fennel seeds
– mustard seeds
– Cardamom ( green and the black varities)
– sesame seeds (black and white seeds)
– Marjoram
– Anise seeds
– Asofetida
-Poppy seeds
– Dry/fresh ginger
– Dry/fresh turmeric
– Cinnamon
-black cumin (known as shahjeera)
and many more.. ..
This store like any other Indian store also carries all sorts of legumes
– Toor Dal (split chick pea)
– Moong Dal (split and whole green gram)
– urad dal (split white/black gram )
– Masoor dal ( split red lentil)
etc.. etc.

These guys have all these fresh… In addition, they have a awesome collection of veggies that you possibly can never get in any HEB or Whole foods , Central Market.. so if you get a chance go to this place on Friday evenings or Saturday mornings. they get fresh veggies some time in the afternoon on Fridays.

Have fun cooking!!”

Snehal Amin
Ambica Foods
3203 S. IH 35

Suite 580
Round Rock, TX 78644

Work: 1-512-828-3000
Fax: 1-512-828-3500

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Hours of Operation
Daily – 11am – 9pm

Payments Accepted
American Express

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