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Business and Home Energy Management Consulting and Energy saving products for sale. We help you discover ways to save money on your energy bill with our energy survey’s designed for your business or home. This survey service worth $300 to $1,500 is free.

We also have a state of the art bidding system bringing REP’s (Retail Electric Providers) to you. Simply go to the web site and enter your business or home information and our participating REP’s will send you a bid to win your electric service directly to your email. You will never have to shop for the lowest price electricity again because through our bidding system you can choose the Retail Electric Provider who sent you the lowest bid.

We also specialize in wholesale energy for your business. Wholesale energy has never been offered to the small and medium size business until now. Our customers are enjoying anywhere from 15% to 50% in saving on their energy bills. Saving you money on your energy bill is our business.

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Z-Home Smart Home Manager
If you thought home automation was complicated then you’ve never seen the NAPB Smart Home Manager (SHM). With the Z-Wave enable Smart Home Manager even a total novice can do everything you’d expect from a high-end home automation system. A true ‘plug and play’ system that helps you monitor and manage your energy usage; the SHM tracks, manages, controls and even notifies you of all the performance of all the Z-Wave devices in your house.

NAPB Smart Energy Illuminator:

  • Z-Wave energy monitor and on/off/dimming
  • Monitors electricity consumption through this device
  • Latest Z-Wave protocol and commands
  • Optimized antenna range: 100 feet
  • Designed and built with end-user in mind
  • Certified/Available for USA and EU

Hours of Operation

Weekdays 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.
Saturday by appointment only.

Payments Accepted

American Express

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